The Winter of 1918

“All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” -Winston Churchill
The year is 1918 the war has been going on three long years. The bombardment of torpedoes and bombs have destroyed men and have taken over 14 million so far. Blimps flying and people getting scared of a new disease approaching my family is gone. The only answer to the worlds problems is war.

Another ordinary day in New York City . The sirens screaming and people rushing, the bomb shelters protecting and Germans frightening. Still just an ordinary day of 1918. Arthur Pise Boarding an Illinois class battleship after being cleared from influenza and fit for combat as a sonar detector. Deep in the Atlantic mines and ships wrecked. Axis verse Allies sub against sub; Arthur’s keen hearing and seeing ,waiting for the enemy to strike.

Arthur is waiting to be cleared for combat after battling influenza for 3 years. Standing in line at the recruitment center chilled wearing a deadman’s suspenders and boots.

“ You sir step forward I don’t have all day” Exclaimed the recruit officer.

“Where you from” said the officer

“Queens” said Arthur.

“Ok you will be assigned to the USS New York and the commanding officer will have your bunk number”. Said the recruit officer
“Thanks” said Arthur
Arthur arrives inside his bunk cabin in the ship.
“Ah you must be Arthur Pise” said fellow sailor
“Yes is this bunk cabin 305”
“Yes it is” exclaimed fellow solider
“My name is Matt”
“Matt Dice”
“Good to meet you” said Arthur
“Your at bunk 1”
“That is Arty at bunk 2”said Matt
“Mike at bunk 3”
“Oliver at bunk 4”
“And of course me at bunk 2.”
“Hey man what are you reading there”. Cheerfully said Arthur
“The Bible” said Mike
“What book” said Arthur
“ Revalations”said Mike
“Oh why”
“It’s relateable when things are getting worse it just put more hope into me that Jesus is coming soon.”
“Attention” said unknown officer
“My name is Admiral Hask I am your commanding officer on this ship you will do as I say, if you do what I say and follow orders we won’t have a problem understood.”
“Yes sir” says sailors

As time went on more and more American ships were sinking in the Atlantic, everyday more than one-hundred sailors were dying. The Germans and the Turks gaining more and more ground.

It is now November of 1918 over fifteen million have died total. 126,000 U.S soldiers have died total. Arthur and his administrative team have been sent to the coast of the Argonne forest preparing for a artillery attack on the Germans. Deeply behind enemy lines the USS New York waits. On deck Arthur is repairing a Aeromarine 39 aircraft.

“Hey mike” Arthur exclaimed
“Yeah” mike said
“Is that battleship one of ours”
(Sirens start blaring)
(Enemy German battleship guns firing)
“Take cover.” yelled sailor
(Loud artillery noises)
“Everybody on top deck get people out of lower deck” yelled Admiral Hask
“The USS Illinois is going down everybody jump In the water”.
As the sailors are jumping in the water, the Germans continuously bombard the ship.

“Arthur help me.”exclaimed Oliver
“Alright on three we’re going to jump”
“No Arthur I can’t swim”
“On three”said Arthur
With sailors scattered, blue and white silk uniforms floating waiting to be claimed alive or dead. With no sign of Arthur’s crew Arthur stands behind enemy lines either being another captured target or the most dangerous enemy in the Argonne forest.

(Wakes up feels groggy, soaking wet, cold and, nearing frost bite)
“Arthur” whispered a voice
“Arthur” the voice whispered again
“Arthur come here before they see you.”
(In German) “Suche jeden zentimeter dieses waldes, keine uberlebenden”.
“search every inch of this forest no survivors.”
Arthur and Mike soon found the German military camp and captured sailors. Mike spots explosives and a paddle boat on the far side of the camp.
“Everybody on your knees.” Said German officer
(Shots fired)
“Arthur we need to get those explosives over there by that A7V”.(German armored tank) whispered Mike
“We need to save the sailors Mike”whispered Arthur
“We are going to split up” said Mike
As Arthur and Mike figure out their plan of escape in the mysterious Argonne forest. Time is ticking as more soldiers are being lined up for shooting due to war crimes against Germany.

“Arthur you go get the explosives” said Mike
“I’ll go secure the boat”whispered mike
“Give me a signal when you are ready to blow the explosives and evacuate everyone to the paddle boat”. Said Arthur

(Gives the signal)
(Massive explosion)
“Everybody get to the paddle boat”. Yelled Arthur
With the Germans and their mp40 guns blazing Americans survival. Running to the paddle boat their only option of safety.

“Arthur get down” yells Oliver
(Large explosion knocks Arthur out)
“What happened” said Arthur
“You have been out for a couple of days” says a war prisoner
“Hey sleepy head” said Oliver
“Where’s Mike” said Arthur
“he’s over here”. Said Oliver
“Are you wounded” said Arthur
“Yeah but my bible stopped the bullet from entering to deep.”
“I guess God still has a plan for me and all of you guys.”
“It’s unfortunate for those that didn’t make it out.”
“Hey look over there!” Exclaims another war prisoner is that a German U-boat or is that American ship”.
“That looks like a German U-boat” said Arthur
(German artillery guns fire)
“Everybody in the water!” Said Oliver
(American planes fly over head) takes out the artillery in the air.
The USS Maine makes contact with the German U-boat taking it out with no hesitation.
“Captain get all those sailors aboard and have them patched and cleaned” said fighter pilot 1
“Copy that”said the captain of the USS Maine
Days later the war of 1918 ends and Arthur returns home to America eating Italian food and getting into mischief. His sympathy for other people increases when his father dies of influenza.
Arthur later becomes a Marine biologist and dedicates his life to finding new underwater life.