1914: Big Bang

Jahlon Smith, guest writer

No, please don’t go.Wait no, I still need you. Smack! The sound that was made as a result of moist human flesh moving at break neck speeds towards the ground. Looking as if he just exited a pool, drenched, Walter could do nothing but take deep heavy breaths that felt like raising and lowering an anvil. Walter’s worse nightmare just seemed to be on repeat for the seven years since he lost his mother. But Walter snapping back into reality realizes that two hours have passed which made him really late for school. Walter now was moving as fast as a model T to get ready for school. While picking his clothes was not a problem because his small wardrobe keep all his clothes neat and in order. Finally dressed he began to make his way out of the apartment by making sure he didn’t disturb the “beast” that lied within. Walter hated the “beast”, who was so called his dad. Walter’s dad would stay out late nights always with some woman and then would end up home on the couch looking like a dead man from the hard buzz that night. Walter was anger that his father who was a loving family man changed into a woman chasing alcoholic who didn’t give a time of day about what was happening to his son. Eventually Walter crept to the door and without hesitation or sound bolted out the door towards Central Park East High School.

Walter sighed as he finally reached the school stopping to catch his breath from the 2 mile run. After regaining his composure he entered the building heading toward math class. While grabbing his books and looking towards the ground Walter bewilderingly ended up on the ground. As he looked up he saw what looked like an angel strike him down. Standing before him was Betty a blue eyed blonde that was the most popular girl at school. As Walter was in a daze from the fall and the beauty that was standing right in front of him, Walter didn’t hear a word she was trying to say. With Walter’s imagination starting to run wild and still not hearing what Betty was trying to say lead to a red hot reality check. As if she was teenage boy, Betty cocked her fist back as if it were a gun and clocked Walter dead in the side of his face. Now mentally awake, Walter rose to his feet and proclaimed, “Why in the world did u have to hit me so hard!”

With her fist still clenched she retorted, “Because you looked like you were brain dead and I had to jumpstart you somehow.”

Feeling a barrage of emotions hit his body Walter wanted to comment back, but was stopped by Betty stating, “Where is the math homework you promised me.”

Walter then went into panic mode and without thinking, Walter gave Betty his homework. Betty looked satisfied and said, “Thanks again and your reward is coming soon.” As she went into math class Walter just hoped that his whole junior year of doing Betty’s homework would payoff.
* * * * *

The last day of school came by rather quickly and as school rang its last bell Walter immediately went to find Betty. With Walter’s reward being a big fat kiss, Walter searched frantically for Betty but everywhere he looked she could not be found. Thinking to himself Walter thought, I just got cheated out of our deal dang it. After Walter’s useless search he decided to head home. While slowly walking home he ran into his early childhood friend John. John was a honest and sincere person who was always there for Walter especially when Walter’s mom died when he was 10 years old. Walter was surprised to see John near his apartment since John lived a couple of streets away. Walter said, “what are you doing here.”
John replied, “you know that I always got to check up on you.”
“Well thank you for doing that I could use all the support I can get. Especially after hearing president Woodrow Wilson signing Mother’s Day into the calendar.”
John added, “Don’t worry about it. Hey that’s why I brought this for you.” And out of John’s back pocket came a little King James Bible.
“Oh, Walter why are u coming at me with all this religion crap again.” Walter irritatedly said.
“Walter, just give it a chance it’s just a little reading and it will help you in times of need.”
“Alright, John I’ll give it a chance just for you.”
“Thanks Walter, I’ll have to talk to you later my folks don’t want me out late. See ya!”
“Ok. See ya!”
Once Walter made it home he was rejoiced to see a tub of peanut butter ice-cream on the table. While feeling glad to see his favorite snack on the table it brought up the question who brought there. While lifting the tub of ice-cream Walter saw a piece of paper attached to the bottom that read. Hey Walter, this is from Betty sorry I was not at school, but could you meet me 4 apartment buildings down Lexington Avenue at 6:30. As 6:30 came Walter walked down Lexington Avenue to be greeted by Betty. Betty rushingly said, “Walter your good with mechanical things right?”
Confused Walter said, “I guess so I’ve fixed my dads model T before if that counts.”
“Ok that settles it you can do the job!” Betty said reassuringly.
With the conversation ending faster than it had started Walter was dragged into the apartment building to an upstairs room where there on the floor lay a stack of various metal parts. With a drawing that showed how the parts needed to be arranged and what this device was going to do.
* * * * *
It was nearly the end of the month of June and the device Walter was working on was nearly complete. One day while working on the device, from the plans it seemed a little odd for this device to have a detonator on it. And the more Walter worked on the machine the more he felt that the device he was building was not for good. Although Walter had a gut churning feeling about what he was building he also began to look into the Bible for comfort and peace which lead Walter to begin to move on from his mother’s death and have no fear of the looming war in Europe that America might get evolved in. July 2 has came and the device is all but ready to go it’s just missing one part. The part in the middle was like a chamber of some sort that was supposed to hold a cylinder tube inside. Walter asked Betty, “what is this thing going to be anyways.” There was no reply from Betty. Then Betty scribbled some notes on a piece of paper and handed it to Walter. On the paper it said this device was bomb that she was building for this Anarchist group that had it out for John D. Rockefeller. Walter’s heart stopped as he reread the words that were on the piece of paper before him. Walter could not believe what he was doing and immediately thought about what John told him to do in time of need. Walter then prayed in his head a simple prayer, Lord help me. And after that prayer Walter unloosed a screw just enough so that no one would notice. Then after messing with the device he wrote on the little paper back to Betty this. Come to my apartment tonight and don’t let the Anarchist know where you went. And that next morning when all was quiet in New York City no one was ready for the Big Bang.

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