SA considers hosting a Spring Banquet


Megan Marquez, writer

Collegedale Academy’s Student Association is considering hosting a Spring Banquet similar to last year’s Spring Fling.

Students are excited about the prospect.

“I am all for a Spring Banquet because they are fun bonding experiences that break up the dull monotony of a relatively school-event-free second semester,” Senior Ben Močnik says.

Sophomore Ashley Stone echoes Močnik’s sentiments: “Yeah I would love a Spring Banquet. I think it would be super fun to go with friends and enjoy ourselves.”

Sophomore Laini Shabo gets more specific: “I would love to have another Spring Fling for multiple reasons: 1) I wasn’t able to attend the first banquet this year and 2) I think it’s a great way to socialize and its really fun to get all dressed up and take cute pictures with your friends. It adds excitement into our busy school lives and gives most people something to look forward too.”

However, there cons to balance the pros of having two school-wide banquets.

The SA has a limited budget for the year and they have to pick and choose how they want to spend their money, and putting on a banquet for the entire school is expensive.

Not only is a banquet expensive for SA, but students also must buy tickets and dresses and other banquet necessities which can add up quickly.

 “We, the SA, have talked about it [a Spring Banquet] in very general terms,” SA Sponsor Mrs. Foster says. “I don’t believe we’ve even looked at potential dates which is what usually takes it to a more ‘official we are going to do this’ phase. Some concerns are that it cost money for SA which we don’t always have much of, it is a lot of work, and it is something else that students will spend money on.”

 SA President Dylan Ford hopes to have a Spring Banquet: “SA is considering one [a banquet]. Our first priority as of now is the SA gym night and then after that we will begin to explore the possibility of doing a Spring Banquet. We have to take a look at the budget and come up with a theme, decorations, entertainment, and food. No promises, but I am hopeful there will be a Spring Banquet in the near future.”