Staying warm in our personal Decembers


Katie Hallock, writer

December ushers in biting winds, dark skies and bare trees stripped of their leaves— except for the evergreens. When the bitter cold comes and devastates the other trees in the woods,  evergreens retain their bright green needles. Their color stands out against the white clouds, clearly more resilient than any other kind of tree.

Unlike the predictable seasons, our personal Decembers can strike us unexpectedly. We get knocked off our feet and feel the icy feelings of heartbreak, inadequacy, fear and loneliness. In these times, it’s important to call out to God, the unceasing source of warmth. He gives us the endurance to make it through our Decembers.

Through Him, we are able to become withstanding evergreens. When the world feels too cold to endure, we will be able to hold on to the hope of summer. We can stand out like a bright pop of color in a barren forest of people, if we remember to keep God’s warmth when winter comes.