Happy Little Life: Wake up early


I’m a morning person. I realize this might make some of you who can’t make it to first period on time hate me, but let me explain.

When I take advantage of mornings, they can be a time of catharsis and productivity: I have time to compose my thoughts. I like to wake up earlier than necessary to just throw on clothes and scurry to school, and I like to leisurely make my way through the morning hours.

I’ll read my newest book, savor my steaming coffee, plan my day, or, instead of relaxing, go for a run (at least it’s productive).

While mornings can be productive, it’s also nice to just sit down, breathe, and watch the sunrise. I know sunsets get all the praise, but watch a few sunrises and you’ll agree they’re underrated. Their beautiful orange glow leaves me in quiet awe.

So, if you get the chance, try waking up earlier and appreciating the still beauty of mornings.