Chaplain Shares Expectations for Upcoming Year

School spirit is high, and teachers and students alike are embracing our many changes in hopes of a better Collegedale Academy.  This year, students are being given more opportunities to step up and become spiritual leaders at CA and in the community.  I talked with Pastor Chris Massengill about his expectations for this year, and this is what he said:


As the chaplain of CA, what are your hopes for the spiritual growth of the school this year?

“I hope to see students getting more involved.  I’m excited for this coming year because there is a large group of students that will be leading out.  I’m glad that students this year are not content with just letting adults lead and are willing to step up and be leaders themselves.”


What roles will students play in the spiritual leadership and outreach this year?

“Students will be involved in worship teams that lead out in chapel and go to different churches around the community.  Most of it is still a work in progress, and we plan to start small and grow throughout the year.  We might start by taking small groups of students on outreach projects after school and during study halls.”


What do you want to say you accomplished by the end of the year?

“I want to say that more students are committed to Jesus and to serving Him.  I want to give students the tools they need to share their faith in Him.”


Is there anything else you would like to share?

“I’m excited to see us off to a great start!  I sense school spirit and that more students are interested in being involved and leading out.  I hope that as students see their peers leading out, they catch the energy and desire to be involved.”


Senior Class President Savannah Moore reminded us that we are CA.  Without us, CA does not exist.  This school year has so much potential.  Step up and become a leader now.  We are CA.  What we do defines us, and if we sit back and do nothing, we are nothing.