CAMS spreads love through donating dress shoes


Megan Marquez, writer

Shoes, or the lack thereof, are something we barely think about in Collegedale. We are blessed to have so many different types of shoes: school shoes, running shoes, sandals, and church shoes.

A former teacher of CAMS, who prefers to remain anonymous, is currently working at a school that has a weekly professional day, where students dress up like professionals.

Pastor Nudd, the chaplain at CAMS, said, “I like the concept of a professional day to get students thinking about being professionals in society someday.”

However, this teacher found that many students could not afford dress shoes and instead had to wear their parents’ or grandparents’ formal shoes, which were incredibly too big. So, she reached out to CAMS who she hoped would be happy to help with this small community service project, and of course they were.

Over the next three weeks, Spalding and CAMS students were able to bring in more than 60 pairs of their old black dress shoes for the kids in need. The teacher who reached out to CAMS said, “It was amazing just to see the relief on the parents’ faces.”