Whose dog is that wandering the halls?


Some students at Collegedale Academy may notice a black doggo walking the hallways and wonder What in the world is that pupper doing here, wandering the halls unattended?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the mystery has been solved.  Dixie, the super-cute black lab with a white mark on her chest is in fact our very own beloved home maintenance and wood shop mascot. She is Mr. Bolton’s dog.

Dixie is the sweetest, most kind-hearted dog, and she loves her owner very much. “My dog loves me,” Bolton says. “She goes bonkers if I disappear. If I get dressed up to leave the house she won’t leave me alone—she stays right beside me. I’ve had her for six years after she was left at my house. My grandchildren love her. People want to know why she’s so tied to me: it’s because she knows I go to Burger King and get the meat on the side to give to her so she stays close to me because she wants a treat.”

If you encounter Dixie in the hallways, do not be alarmed.  “She loves everyone, but when there are too many people she gets claustrophobic,” Bolton says. She might be scared of you at first and not let you pet her, but that’s just because she is shy. It takes her a while to trust and warm up to people.