Adventist higher education: where do you stand?


The upperclassmen of Collegedale Academy are beginning to face the choice every student eventually must—which university to attend. This leads to the other question of whether to attend an Adventist university or a non-religious college. For many devoted Adventists, it’s crucial to continue Adventist education, while for others in the faith, it does not pose a problem.

An Adventist university is appealing for students because, on an SDA campus, they are surrounded by people with the same core values. Finding a spouse with aligned morals becomes an easier task when the majority of university attendees believe similarly. Along with forging strong relationships, the teaching of creation science is another enticing aspect to SDA students when the alternative, evolution, is taught at most other universities.

Mrs. Holland, one of CA’s English teachers, attended an Adventist univeristy and comments, “I got a great education, and I went to find a husband. I wouldn’t change it and highly recommend it—from the dorm, to academics, to environment, Adventist education is superior.”

On the other hand, arguments for non-religious colleges point out the merit of real-world experience gained from expanding horizons. Leaving the “bubble” of the comfortable religion many young Adventists are used to can give those students a chance to glean new perspectives. Secular colleges are crammed with diverse people and beliefs, providing an opportunity to challenge one’s own views.

Mr. Pennell, the CA government and American history teacher, attended both Adventist and other schools, and while he thinks highly of both kinds of universities and what they have to offer, he mentions that non-Adventist universities, “have a broader variety of classes, and professors provide more specialties of study.”

Where do you stand?