CA without the seniors

Megan Marquez, writer

A few weeks ago, the hallways of CA felt a little more spacious. Our beloved Seniors were gone on Senior Survival having super fun, amazing experiences through not only becoming closer to one another but also becoming closer to God. Without the Seniors in school to lead the student body, the school’s atmosphere was a little different.

“It was so different . . . it was like part of the school’s leadership disappeared. It was like the people we look up to so much weren’t there and feel the spiritual impact of their absence.”

—Julia Fisher, sophomore

“A week without the seniors was a much-needed break, but I also wouldn’t want it to last the entire year.” —Caroline Crank, junior

“I missed my friends, but it was nice only having two classes on Wednesday: Band and Chemistry.”— Erick Hicks, junior

The seniors, on the other hand, seemed to enjoy the break from school for a different reason.

“It was truly a bonding experience,” said senior Jamie Henderson. “We really want to share that closeness with the underclassmen now that we’re back!”