Acroforce bonds during lake house retreat


Melanie Marino, writer

A few weekends ago, Acroforce embarked on its annual Acro retreat. The purpose of the retreat was to focus not only on building as a team physically, but building emotionally and spiritually as well.

From swimming in the lake, participating in group initiatives, and sharing thoughts during worship, the retreat turned out to be a much-needed boost for the acro and family aspect of the team. Below are some of the valuable lessons that team members took away from this year’s Acro retreat.

“It was really eye opening.” — Dillon Wolf, junior

“It showed the importance of working with other people.” — Kayden Ammerall, junior

“I learned that I have more family than I ever thought I could have have.”— Jeremiah Madrigal,

junio“It helped us get to know each other more.” — Justin Ren, senior

“I learned that we need to use team work and continue to get closer and closer.” — Steve Su, junior

“It helped me realize that you have to trust others to catch you when you fall, not just physically but mentally.” — Brianna Trott, freshman 

“I liked how we were all together as a family and did activities and grew as a team.” — Giovanni Reed, freshman

This weekend the Acroforce is in Washington, DC, for AcroFest where they plan to implement the skills and lessons learned during the retreat.