Students give tips for student teachers


Each year, CA students have the privilege of learning from student teachers from Southern Adventist University. Their way of teaching can either “be a hit or miss depending on the teacher,” according to senior Caleb Traxler.

 There are many diverse opinions of student teachers, but overall, student teachers tend to be helpful because, as junior Katie Scott says, “They bring a new perspective to the classroom.”

 Although Traxler believes that student teachers “tend to be more energetic than some of the regular teachers,” there are times when this is not the case.

 The best piece of advice that students have for new teachers: Be confident!

As junior Melanie Marino states, “I like having student teachers, but I advise that they be confident and act with authority, because that makes the students want to respect them more.”

 Freshmen Brianna Trott has a similar perspective due to a previous experience with a student teacher: “Last year I had a student teacher who said that she was scared to go in front of people. She was so nervous, I could barely hear her even when she was praying! My advice would be: don’t be scared of your students!”

Traxler also advises to “Try to get to know the students and interact with them on a personal level.”

 Overall, student teachers are great. They provide a fresh, energetic feeling to the classroom and a new way of learning. But, some need a little guidance to make the experience even better.

Student teachers, thank you for all the effort you put in to teaching us. Remember to keep your confidence and continue making our school life more exciting!