Girls: are we basic?


Katie Hallock, writer

Fall brings wonderful treasures: bonfires, warm sweaters, and cooler weather. It also brings an abundance of criticism to girls about activities they enjoy. Enjoying Starbucks, Ugg boots, and black leggings will instantly get girls labeled as “basic” and “unoriginal.” While yes, this seems insignificant, it eludes to a greater issue.

Girls in today’s society can’t genuinely have certain affinities without being scrutinized. If a girl likes the previously stated popular culture, she is an adherent airhead who doesn’t think for herself. Yet, if she likes combat boots, obscure music, and black coffee, this must mean she’s faking it and trying too hard to be different. Pretty dresses make girls too feminine, makeup means they’re vain, jeans make them tomboyish, no makeup means they’re lazy. There is no gray area.

You see, people are going to make assumptions about us, regardless of what we do or wear. The best option is to just be ourselves and wear what makes us feel comfortable in our own skin.

So, choose to wear those incredibly comfy Uggs or combat boots with confidence, and don’t reduce other girls’ entire identity down to their clothes and preferences.