10 things students don’t know about their teachers: Erik Pardo


Seth Courtad, writer

1.     He is the youngest of three siblings.

2.     He grew up in Los Angeles, California, and went to Glendale Adventist Academy.

3.     His best time for a cross-country race was five miles in 35 minutes.

4.     During his worst cross country race, he ran in the sand for 3 miles, and it started to rain; his time was 55 minutes.

5.     When he was nine, there was an earthquake while he was having chest surgery; the doctors actually had to hide under the table that he was on.

6.     His favorite food is Thai food, or anything with basil in it.

7.     The thing he’s most proud of in his life is being a fatherly figure and mentor to his daughter.

8.     Although he likes all kinds of music, from R&B to Christian to classical, he’s specifically a fan of Tim McGraw.

9.     During the first week of school at Mile High Academy, he accidentally hit the new principal’s son in the face with a football, making him bleed; the principal was Mr. Baldwin.

10.  His favorite verse of the Bible is Luke 2:52, which says, “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”