Seniors mentor lower classmen during Bible studies


Leanne Eckhart, writer

Students at Collegedale Academy have broken the typical “seniors torment freshmen” stereotype once again. After an eventful Week of Prayer, a group of seniors has taken the initiative to lead select freshmen in Bible studies.

Senior Kelsey Perez says she chose to start Bible studies with underclassmen because she would have loved to have had that experience for herself. When she was a sophomore, there were no opportunities or acceptable ways to spend time in the Word with upperclassmen. Perez encourages anyone who might be thinking about bridging the gap between upper and lower classmen to “just do it.” She says she has not only gained new friendships but also a fresh perspective of the Bible.

If any student is interested in being a part of or leading Bible studies with students in other grades, talk to Pastor Litch (usually sitting reading his Bible by the flagpole in the front of the school).