Banquet Etiquette 2.0


Leanne Eckhart, writer

Around this time last year, I wrote an extremely opinionated article on the current hot topic: Banquet proposals (you should read that article first). However, as my last school-wide banquet is approaching, I feel it necessary to reach topics beyond just the banquet proposal. So here we are with a much-needed Part 2.

A dose of my “senior” wisdom:

  1. Girls, if someone doesn’t ask you to banquet it doesn’t mean that you are ugly, worthless or will never be loved. It probably means that you don’t have many guy friends. If you only have girlfriends and never talk to any guys, the chances of you getting asked are pretty slim. Don’t be upset; if you really want to go with a date, there are no rules that say girls can’t ask guys.
  2. More power to the girls who take initiative and go ahead and ask a guy, BUT guys aren’t obligated to say yes, just as girls aren’t obligated to say yes either. Just don’t be a jerk about it (read my first article for more on this). Remember, treat others how YOU would like to be treated.
  3. Keep in mind, going to banquet with someone is not an obligation to date them. It is simply taking a few pictures, eating dinner, and then going on your merry ways. Don’t make it more than it is.
  4. Go do something after banquet. Some of my fondest memories from past banquets are eating ice cream with my friends, going bowling, or even watching a movie. However, there is a difference between celebrating with friends and making stupid mistakes you’ll later regret. Keep in mind that school, along with all of your other responsibilities, is the next day.
  5. You don’t need to buy an elaborate $500 dress or suit . . . unless you want to. Go for it, but you can be just as pretty with a $20 dress from Ross. There is also no shame in re-wearing a dress with new accessories. Honestly, if anyone notices, they probably won’t even care. If they do, so what? You just saved a lot of money.
  6. You don’t have to go if you really don’t want to. Just a warning though, people will give you a rough time about it and it’s honestly so much fun. If anything else, banquet is a great chance to eat a delicious meal and see all the fancy dresses and awkward dates. If you are worried about not having a date, the only thing you’re missing out on is an awkward dinner conversation and $5 cheaper tickets.
  7. Heels: Your feet are going to blister and feel as though they are breaking if you don’t break them in beforehand. Bring a pair of flats as backup or mentally prepare yourself because the last thing you want is a bad time due to aching feet.
  8. If you have any homework due on Monday, do it before banquet. Just do it. Trust me, I speak from experience. It is no fun trying to do homework at midnight.
  9. Eat at least a snack beforehand especially if you know that you get hangry easily. They dismiss by tables, so some groups have to wait quite a bit before they get their food.
  10. All in all, no matter what you do for banquet—whether it is your first, your last, or somewhere in between—have fun and make it the best one yet!