Mr. Pennell’s students urge him to stay at CA for one more year


Megan Marquez, writer

One of Collegedale Academy’s most beloved teachers, Mr. Pennell, is considering retiring after this year.

Mrs. Pennell is ready to have her husband begin a new chapter of his life, and it’s our job to combat their wish for Mr. Pennell to leave us and convince them both that Mr. Pennell needs to abide with us for at least one more year.

Mr. Pennell is one of the most kindhearted, patient, and understanding teachers at Collegedale Academy; part of what makes his class so great is his passion for teaching.

Mr. Pennell is great at explaining concepts and ideas to students, especially long history lessons that never get boring, and confusing politics (which he explains perfectly). But don’t just take my word for it—many students at Collegedale Academy feel the same way:

“He’s probably the nicest teacher in the school. He’s super knowledgeable; what he teaches really sticks in my mind.” — Hannah Falcon, senior

“He is the most influential teacher I’ve ever met.” — Christian Beasley, senior

“He genuinely cares for us. He’s hard on us, but we know that he’s doing it to prepare us for college.” — Sarah Shved, junior

“He . . . cares that we understand the information. I’m going to miss him. Please don’t leave!” — Eunice Cha, junior