Students frequent Wired to study and socialize


Katie Hallock, writer

If you live in Collegedale, your study locations are limited. Luckily, one of the best and most convenient options is the only café nearby: Wired.

Wired attracts mass amounts of students looking for a quiet space to study with a soft ambiance. The coffee shop attendees can get together and socialize, yet the environment still allows for productivity. Students can collaborate and complete homework while feeling relaxed.

The central location provides a cathartic study experience and coffee loaded with enough caffeine to carry a student through an all-night, paper-writing frenzy.

“It’s more local than Starbucks and I feel like they have more options. It’s a great place to study or hang out with friends,” Senior Elizabeth Hawthorne said.

From the time school ends to the time Wired closes at 11:00 p.m., half of the CA student body and Southern students can be found crammed in booths or sitting along the coffee bar drinking beverages either steaming, iced, or frozen.

 “Wired is an important part of the community and I think it’s a great gathering place,” Junior Collin Kilmer said.

 Even some teachers enjoy going to Wired, including chemistry teacher, Mr. Groft. “I like the blend of the academic and social environment,” Mr. Groft said.

Junior Camden Griggs is a barista at Wired and says his “favorite part about working . . . at Wired is getting to work in such a peaceful and chill environment. I like how my friends stop in so I can make their drinks.”