Life Skills supports seniors with meatballs, cookies and love


Seth Courtad, writer

The Life Skills class, which is composed of several juniors and one senior, has made meatballs for Senior Survival ever since Mrs. Marquez started teaching the class, and this year they made cookies and brownies as well. Why? Well, one reason is it helps the people who are in charge of arranging the food for Senior Survival.

“Most of the students in Life Skills are friends with these kids and they get to be supportive of their schoolmates,” Mrs. Marquez said.

The fact that what they are helping their friends gives purpose to what they are doing, and it is also good practice for the real world.

“It’s just fun because I love these kids,” Mrs. Marquez said. “I teach freshmen and sophomores mostly, and by the time they are seniors I hardly see them. It’s a way for me to support them and send a little love while they’re out there. Because, ya know, food is love.”