Five ways we unite our school family


Madison Reinschmidt, writer

At the beginning of the school year, S.A. announced that CA’s spiritual theme for 2017-2018 is “We are the body.”

“We [S.A.] thought that “we are the body” was a good progression from the past spiritual themes,” S.A. Pastor Calle Turk says.

Not only does this theme mean that we are the body of Christ, but it also depicts our school as one unified family. I believe that through this message we should work together to unify our school. One way we can do that is by making new students feel welcome and loved.

Here are some ways we can make that happen:

  1. Smile. A simple gesture such as smiling or making eye contact in the halls can make others feel comfortable to interact with you.
  2. Give compliments. When you see something that you like about a person, tell them. Kind words can make a big difference in their day, and it can make them feel important.
  3. Get out of your comfort zone. Making new friends or talking to new people can be intimidating for either person. But a strong connection can be made just by taking that first step and showing that you care.
  4. Make an effort. People will notice if you have a welcoming and friendly attitude. Take time to introduce yourself to someone you don’t know well, and maybe even sit with them at lunch.
  5. Serve each other. Hold doors open. Pray for or with those who need it. Be more like Christ. There is no better way for us to become a unified family than by serving each other and our amazing God together.

“As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.” James 2:26