10 things students don’t know about their teachers: Obadiah Groft


Melanie Marino, writer


  1. He has 5 older siblings
  2. His middle name, or names, is Daniel James
  3. He grew up in the same county as Taylor Swift (and even played her school in sports)
  4. Was born in Hilo, Hawaii . . . but is not actually Hawaiian
  5. He has met the whole band of Rend Collective twice, and hung out with them
  6. Was in a grade-school rendition of the Music Man
  7. Claims Mexican food as his favorite, saying, “I would eat beans all the time”
  8. Broke his shoulder snowboarding for the first time . . . on the bunny slope. Then broke it again four months later mountain biking
  9. Has seen Lord of the Rings many, many, many times; so it’s safe to say it’s his favorite movie
  10. Has trained dogs several times and considers himself an “uncertified dog trainer”