Muffins vs. Cupcakes


Megan Marquez, writer

Do you prefer muffins or cupcakes?

When we were younger, cupcakes were the coolest thing ever! But as we’ve gotten older, we have realized that cupcakes are inferior to muffins in almost every aspect but appearance.

Muffins can be savory and are typically not as sweet as their step sister, cupcakes. Cupcakes are full of sugar and candy, and typically topped with frosting. Cupcakes are a dessert eaten as a special treat—they are not a delicacy we can enjoy every day.

Muffins, however, are where the money’s at now that we’re older. Although muffins are often times dryer and denser than fluffy cupcakes, they win another point for being healthier, usually. Muffins are not topped with tons of frosting and are found filled with fruit and nuts more than sugary alternatives. Some muffins can even be baked with healthier types of flour.

Cupcakes are the cute, air-headed girls all the little boys have a crush on at the playground. Muffins are the intelligent, independent, mature young women men want to live their lives with. Cupcakes are for silly little crushes, but muffins are marriage material.