CA bikers race to the finish


Madison Reinschmidt, writer

On Sunday, August 27, CA had its annual bike race.

Although, like usual, there were not many participants, those who did enter the race are passionate about what they do.

Wyatt Tracy, a junior and winner of this year’s bike race said, “I am thrilled and excited about the time and effort put into this race, and I am blessed to have the ability to ride.”

While Tracy focuses on training yearly for the race, Junior Joelle Pester bikes for fun.

When asked about how she felt about being the only girl in the race, she said, “I am proud of myself. I’m glad to be willing and able to participate, and to get the point for our class.”

“There are less and less participants each year. I believe this is due to the mentality that people get of I can’t do that or it is too hard and long,” Tracy said.

The bike race is a great way to get easy points for your class each year. But it is also a great way to stay active and to relieve stress. Maybe next year there will be more participants!


1st place- Wyatt Tracy, junior

2nd place- Joby Nash, freshman

3rd place- Micah Hansen, sophomore


1st place- Joelle Pester, junior