Student Associations convene at Silverdale Baptist Academy


Jamie Henderson, Editor-in-Chief

On the morning of August 31, I, along with SA president Dylan Ford, had the pleasure of attending the first ever Student Leadership Summit held at Silverdale Baptist Academy. 

Many schools were invited, but due to scheduling conflicts only a few managed to meet. Among those in attendance were student leaders from Silverdale, Collegedale Academy, CCS, and Baylor. 

All five academies exchanged ideas about banquets, pep rallies, student retreats, dress codes, and fundraising, among other topics. 

One idea was to organize a service day for all area schools. Students would mix together and go out to different areas of our city and provide assistance to places like the Samaritan Center. 

Who knows what will come from this first meeting? Well, one thing is for sure — we will be meeting again sometime within the next few months, so watch out for any changes around CA!