Bathroom conditions remain subpar


Melanie Marino, writer

Last year I wrote an article about the appalling condition of the ladies’ bathroom in the freshmen/sophomore hall.

Students have too often resigned themselves to toilets that refuse to flush and washing their hands in the hallway water fountain.

With the end of one school year passing and another one beginning, common consensus is that there has been little to no improvement in the condition of the bathroom.

Additionally, it has recently come to my attention that the freshmen/sophomore mens’ bathroom also suffers from some of the same problems as the girls.

“The bathrooms are pretty bad, most of the time there are not even paper towels,” Sophomore Seth Courtad said.

Freshman Michael Baksh-Griffin concurs: “The bathroom could definitely use some improvement, and I would say they are a tad small.”

Something needs to be done about this problem that has been so long ignored, but what? One course of action would be to talk to your Class Officers or Student Association representatives. They are your link to the administration and are an effective way to try and solve an issue.

An even more effective course of action? Be bold and present the issue to administration yourself and maybe, if not for ourselves, we can improve the quality of the bathrooms for classes to come.