Inside Look: The Yearbook Team


Diana Tanksley, writer

The yearbook. Students look forward to the release of the Valley Echo in May, but not a lot of people know how much dedication, hard work, and energy goes into making this keepsake.

The Valley Echo staff consists of a bunch of different personalities that join to make the best yearbook. Mrs. Stone and Mr. Pittman are the real brains behind the yearbook and really help guide all of the students to work efficiently.

The team this year has eight members: three seniors, four juniors, and one sophomore; or five ladies and three men. Any way you look at it, it is the same team. From creating ladders, choosing page styles, fonts, and colors, to going to various events and functions to pause time. We do it all for you!

Meet the Team:

They were asked: What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured?

Elizabeth Hawthorne:

I was scootering down a wet driveway, and I couldn’t slow down. I didn’t have a helmet on, and

there were a few trees straight ahead and a motor home off to the right. I thought that

scootering face first into a motor home was less painful than running into a few trees. I turned

right as much as I could and slid down the asphalt and skinned up my right knee and right

elbow. I still have scars from that day. Not my smartest move.

Yaribel Sanchez:

I had something in my hands and couldn’t open the door with my hands which resulted in my knee coming in contact with the door and caused discoloration in my patella.

Nash Henley:

I was on top of my boat in my driveway, and when I went to jump off my foot got stuck. And I fell face first and broke my wrist.

Katie Scott:

I dislocated my rib by laying on my bed.

Larysa Merchant:

When I was 8 years old I went for a ride on my scooter. In order to be like the cool kids, I did not wear my shoes. This resulted in a gluey situation in the emergency room.

Jordan Lemon:

I was on the mission trip. I grabbed a drill bit, then I turned on the drill and cut myself pretty bad.

Dawson Buttram:

I was at Cohutta Springs when I was jumping on the blob trying to land on my knees, and there was a whiplash effect where I landed and broke my nose.

Diana Tanksley:

I was really little, but It was dark and I tripped on an uneven stair and fell face forward on the tile flooring, which resulted in a semi-traumatic event.