Students re-connect during CA week of prayer


After an eventful summer separated from each other, the students and faculty of Collegedale Academy bonded again through the witty, God-focused stories told by Pastor Dave Ketelsen from the Hamilton Community Church.

Senior Elizabeth Hawthorne attested to the fact that the stories he re-enacted were the most spiritually impactful for her and for many other students. She especially enjoyed the story of the woman who loved Jesus so much that she set a place for Him at dinner and made a blanket for His feet.

Another senior, Christine Kim, noted that by the end of the week she “felt like the people became more connected and closer to God.”

The freshmen, although new, could also tell that the CA family grew closer. Mary Yacoub stated that although she “didn’t know what CA was like in previous years, the students definitely became more friendly by the end of the week.”

Freshman Tucker Angelin agreed with her comment noting that he learned “not to judge a book by its cover” from the story of the old woman who was able to joyfully ride a bicycle despite all the odds. Tucker noticed that by the end of the week his fellow peers “got a lot nicer toward everyone.”