Let’s leave our comfort zones and seek adventure


New beginnings frighten us. They scare us because we dislike uncertainty.

To be honest, some of us loath not knowing how things will play out. The first days of school are pure, terrifying uncertainty. We don’t know how the year will unfold, so in order to remain comfortable we shy away from anything risky or new.

The complacency in our lives becomes familiar and safe. However, this creates the regrettable what ifs? in life and leaves us wondering why we didn’t at least try. As scary as beginnings can be, they are also opportunities.

We can venture out and discover something about ourselves we didn’t know: unearth a hidden passion. It could be a sport we’re gifted in, a hobby that brings us joy, or people we didn’t expect to connect with. Fear of the unknown leads to stagnancy. Growth requires discomfort and reckless abandon.

Let’s take advantage of our new beginnings and not let fear of failure weigh us down.