He makes us worthy

He makes us worthy

Mia Ford, writer

In this world today, we live our whole lives always questioning our worth, and our minds are bombarded with self doubt. And why not? We, of our own flesh, are not worthy to be loved by the God who created us.

Thankfully we serve a perfect God. He does not judge us according to the mistakes we’ve made. He does not ask, “Child, are you worthy? Are you worthy of my love? Are you perfect?” He simply loves us so we might love in return and so we may become worthy.

In Ellen White’s Thoughts from the Mount of Blessings, she says, “He does not ask if we are worthy of his love, but pours upon us the riches of His love, to make us worthy” (32).

We don’t have to feel like we don’t deserve it. For God’s love is free. God yearns for His children and does everything He can to show them. We need not feel worthy. All we must do is accept His pure and perfect love.