Dear School Year,


Mia Ford, writer

 As the summer breeze seems to appear

so our dreams become so ever clear 

we’ve studied long

stayed up late

 and now our summer plans just can’t wait.

This is my tribute to you, Dear School Year, 

you have made me a little brighter

yeah maybe a little tired 

But in the end you promised me that I would leave more confidently

I would be someone different

 someone better 

someone not so amateur

You said it would all be worth it

Well you were right 

Dear School Year you proved to be everything you said you would 

you made me a little better 

A little brighter

But you gave me more than I bargained for

You gave me love

gave me heartbreak 

you gave me realization of what’s at stake

Dear School Year I would not trade you for anything

The times we spent together were all consuming 

But more than anything you have taught me that time is fleeting 

We only have right now 

to change 

to grow

So Dear School thank you for all you’ve sown