Girls claim that hallway bathroom needs improvement


Melanie Marino, writer

The freshman/sophomore hall girls’ bathroom needs some improvement, simply stated. 

Every feature about it just sets it up to be the most horribly situated bathroom in the whole school.

For those of you who are, in fact, not females, or have never experienced the joy of having to use these bathrooms during your high school experience, let me explain.

First of all, the door. The door to the bathroom is situated, ever so perfectly, to whack in the back whoever is standing slightly behind the first sink. Convenient, right?

Secondly, the toilets never consistently flush. All you can do is hope and pray that the next flush will be the one.

Just like the toilets, the sinks share the same lack of consistency, and hand dryers on the wall never work at all.

To confirm my opinion on the condition of the bathroom, I asked several freshman and sophomore girls their anonymous opinions. Here’s what they said:

“They are messy and pretty unsanitary.”

“For girls they are really tiny, which is pretty difficult.”

“They smell bad 24/7, and we are lucky if we have a roll of paper towel. I’ve seen people washing their hands in the water fountain because the water faucet was broken for a while. There are usually so many people waiting for the bathroom that you can’t move because it is so small.”

“I think that they are overcrowded, disgusting and nasty.”

“They’re terrible, unreliable, and they don’t have a big enough mirror or enough stalls.”

“They are always dirty, the sinks don’t work, and there’s never paper towels. They are pretty bad and need improvement.”

Will these bathrooms improve in the future? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.