Story of you


Madison Reinschmidt, writer

I am a poem

And so are you

Words etched upon our skin

The marks we have not failed to loathe

The freckles on your chin

Each part of you holds a story

Blatant or untold

The scar that lies upon your cheek

Its tale left in a fold

The circles underneath your eyes

From stress or lack of sleep

The anger you have left inside

Far too long to keep

But what about the way your eyes crinkle when you laugh?

Or the way that your lips turn up in a beam?

It is only second nature to focus on our faults

But what we have not realized

Is that it is only part of us

I am a poem

And so are you

Do not expect to see the beauty

When you only seek out all your flaws

Do not focus on the ugly words

You will only drown out the applause