Bronze girl faces Wall Street bull


Devin Vaudreuil, writer

On Wall Street in New York City, a massive bronze statue of a bull is poised in an eternal charge. The bull was erected post-stock-market crash and symbolizes America‘s financial resilience and might and the unstoppable force of business.

However, an opponent to the Bull has arisen, in the form of a 4-foot-tall bronze girl in a dress and ponytail. The sculptor, Kristen Verbal, planted the defiant young girl to remind the world, in a passive and non-belligerent way, that the world is changing.

Women are often seen as less, but they are entering the workforce, and they are changing the old and outdated.

David Levi Strauss, a noted visual arts professor, is excited about the statue and what it stands for. “The bull’s stature diminishes. She’s the individual standing up to the beast of power . . . She’s frozen in a sort of dream of winning, and what’s what appeals to people. She’s irresistible.”