1932. Zed

Logan Gao, guest writer


“Oh man, is it morning already?” Zed asks just as he is about to get up from the bed, but no one replies to him. Where is that useless woman? Does she not know who pays for her life? Her life’s purpose is to serve me. He wanders through his little apartment trying to find some food to eat, then he finds a little note which is written on a receipt from the grocery store. On the paper, Zed’s wife wrote to him: Zed you need to find a job. Stop listening to the sports radio station. We are out of money. I don’t think we will have enough money to pay for next week’s food. Oh man, really, that woman can’t tell how hard am I trying to find a job; surely she is now the one who does not have to work, and she do not even understand how important sports are to my life.

Whoever can find a job in this time must be a god, I’m just a little human, how could I perform such a miracle in this disaster like world. Yesterday, I saw my ex-boss was trying to apply for a mailman’s job. I just cannot seem to find the hope for my life. He lays on his bed and falls asleep with disappointment in this country that cannot even provide jobs for its own citizens.


When Stephanie walks into the room she finds her husband laying on the bed sleeping with the radio on the sports channel. “Zed, Zed wake up, it is dinner time. . .”

“The kids are home, is time to eat.” shesays with nothing but disappointment in her tone.

The only food on the table is water and hard bread. Zed and Stephanie sit on the same side of the table, and pretend they still love each other in front of the kids.

Zed asks to the kids: “How was your day?”

12-years old Lianea quietly says: “It was a pretty sad day, our math teacher chose to kill himself because he already lost all of his stock in the stock market crash, and now his bank has declared bankruptcy. He did not think he had a future anymore so he chose to end his life.”

Zed was ready to answer Lianea, but ten year old Floyd started talking, “School was fun, there was nothing different.”

“Everything will be alright! There will be a better day Lianea.” then he responds to Floyd: “Nice. Did you do your homework today?”

“Yes, I finished it at school,”Floyd says.

“Great job.””What is the United States Senate, Dad?”

“Well, it is a job to help our country to pass laws and elect a different president; we had enough of Hoover, ‘He has failed as a business leader.’ Why do you ask me about this?”(Shi).

“Our English teacher told us the ‘United States’ first female senate was elected’”(Cullen-DuPont).

“Wow, that is interesting,” Zed says surprisedly, but in his heart he thinks: Really? Now where did all the men go? How dare they let a woman decide our country’s future? As a man, we must stand up and take our ability back. Tomorrow, I will go and try to find a job and be a man myself.


“Hey! Zed, guess what came in the mail?” Stephanie asked.

“I don’t know what is it?”

“Ford hired you.”

“Really! So are you ready to work?”

“Yes, I am Honey. ”

Honey when was the last time he called me honey?“Stephanie, have you heard about the women who flew over the sea?”

“Zed, are you talking about Amelia Earhart?”

“Yeah, that’s her name.”

“So what about her catches your eye?”

“You know, I just never thought a woman could be that strong and have such a courage to fly over the ocean to Ireland.”

“Of course we are strong. The other day when Lianea and Floyd were fighting over toys, I picked up Lianea on my left hand and Floyd on my right hand and stopped them.”

“Wow, Stephanie, I think you are maybe stronger than I am. I had a hard time just picking Floyd up. Stephanie, I think I was wrong before. Why would I foolishly believe that man is better than woman? Since I was too lazy for all those years since we were married, you had to take care of all the duties at home and at work. I am sorry Stephanie. I am such a coward, when I see the responsibility I just want to run away and hide myself.” Zed apologizes just as a tear drops from his eyes.


It has been three month since Zed started his new career. They are still not rich but at least they can make a living out of it. Lately, Stephanie had been looking for a job close to home so she can take care of kids while working, but they would not give it to her simply because she is married.

One day, Zed come back from work and he says to Stephanie excitingly: “Today, I did my calculations; if we can save enough money in the next few months, then there is a possibility that we can all go to Los Angeles for the summerOlympic .”

“It is great that you have such a dream, but the reality is that we only have enough money for living. How could we have that much money to take us to there and get us back with out rob a bank?(even through most of the banks are worthless).”

“Honey, have you not heard about this guy named Franklin Delano Roosevelt? He says he will bring jobs and pay checks back to people, and I believe he will do it. Do you want to come with me to vote him for our next president? Our country can get any worse from this point, so why not just give this guy a chance to let him change our country. I heard from his cabinet that they are willing to try any thing-this is the guy we need!”


It is the time of the year, athletes around the world gathered in Los Angeles representing their own country to fight for the first place of the world. Zed worked hard throughout the year, but he still could not make enough money for four of them to go to this world sport show. During the past half year, he got his wife’s love back. In Zed’s heart even though he cannot watch the Olympics in Los Angeles, he can still listen to it through the radio, plus he can lie on his bed with his family, so he is still pretty happy about it.

One day, he came back from work when he opens the door Stephanie sands right there and she says: “Happy birthday Zed!”

Zed was shocked because he worked so hard and forgot about his own birthday.

“Zed, the kids and I know even though you can listen to the radio, you will love to see the game live, so we brought you this TV!” Zed is very happy, he gives all of them a big hug.





















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