1969: The Internet Scandal

Beep beep beep. ahhh! Why did I set this alarm?” I wonder as I shut the alarm off and look out my bedroom window. The day that I regret and keep thinking on is a day I’ll never forget.

I was sixteen and when I drove my nice Toyota to college. I had just come from a museum that featured the first moon landing. I was studying it cause we had a test on knowing about the moon landing.  That morning I had a call from the police department saying my parents weren’t making it home. They had just flown over to see the New York Jets  play the super bowl. I wasn’t a fan of that kind of stuff. I took my test that day after a major phone call and I am pretty sure I failed the exam. I arrive home to find police at my house saying my parents had died in a plane crash. Reasons weren’t given.

I felt total shock and cried my head off. The police weren’t even sure what to do. I just stood there sobbing not sure what would happen. I hear tires screech to see a car pull in quickly. My aunt gets out of the car and rushes at me embracing me in a hug. I wanted to see her, I really did. She was the one family member that I had left in this world.

“The house will have to be sold at an auction”,

mentions one of the officers. I looked at him wanting to rip him to pieces.

“Why?” I ask.

Records show I’m not to have the house till twenty or twenty-one. As I’m told this, my aunt gives the accounting clerk a check.

“This will cover one month and I’ll continue to pay for it till she’s old enough to own the   house and the fortune her parents left her.”

“And school wise too.”

I wanted to shout for joy and the thing is the officer was surprised at this, but when the paper work was handled that matter settled.

But today, as I look out the window I know it’s going to be a great day. My name is Nicole Sapphire Lockheart I am twenty-one and live with Cynthia Beatrice Kendall my aunt in my really decent mansion. I work for CIA in covert affairs my job is my dream, but how it came to be is a whole story for another period. I get clothes on to go work out in and head to my track that was built when Cynthia came to live with me. It’s pretty cool outside as I jog a lap around. I then started to move harder with my pace and made three laps. Coming around my fourth lap I notice Cynthia coming to the track. I slow my pace coming to a still walk in front of Her.

“You got a call from work” she says

“From who?”

“Name was not given.”

“Was it a distress call?”


“Oh.” I look around living in a neighborhood close to open country made it relaxing and peaceful. But when my work got in the way of that peace I really wanted to run harder.

“I’ll run one more lap and head to the house to clean up.”

“Okay, just be careful.”

I run one more lap with everything my body has as I finish breathing deeply. I grab my water bottle and head to the house with questions on who the caller was. I get a shower, get ready, and get my phone which was charging on my clothes drawer. The caller was Tikhonova Larissa Ilyinishna, a Russian in charge of CIA covert affairs. She’s been a U.S.A citizen for almost half of her life and was calling because there was an emergency at the office. So I get in my Toyota and drive to the office. I park and head to the main lobby, where my boss is standing waiting for me.

“Glad you’re here you have an assignment or a mission.”

“A Internet program is coming out, and were not sure on the safety of that program.”

“So you need me to check on what’s going on with this program.”


“We are not positive on who’s running it and who’s selling it to who.”

“Buts that is why you’ll be in charge of this mission.”


I get to my office desk for gadgets that I’ll need for the mission. What I got was a throwing knife pack, explosive darts, chewing gum, grappling pen. I also am given a brief review of the Internet software that is coming out. Arpanet is the Internet that’s coming out. I’m not sure that I know but I’ll probably find out very soon. Driving over to a very nice area were a party is held. I survey the place on which the auction will start on bids over million for the Internet software called Arpanet.

What I wasn’t told but assumed was Russian agents infiltrated the party. And someone is here from our side selling a portion of the software illegally. I didn’t know exactly who yet, but I find out soon. When I introduced my self to a man named Andrew Gray Rainmark.

“Hi,” Andrew Rainmark said. “What’s your name?”

“Nicole Lockheart.”

“Great to meet you”.

I politely nod. I am nervous because this is not a usual place to meet a handsome guy and only being twenty-one, I know little of a romantic life. I stayed away from that kind of stuff through my high school and college. When my parents died I just bunched up in my own shell and didn’t communicate with boys. But the guy I met changed all of my standards, and I really wasn’t sure why.

“So you new to this sort of thing”.

“What do you mean?”

“A party like this one have you been?”

“Oh yeah,”it’s not one of my type of party’s but I’ve been”.

He smiles and then walks of without a word back. I then get my head out of the cloud realizing I let my guard down. And forgot why I was here in the first place. But it didn’t take me long to find a group that was most familiar to how dressed the man I just met. And then it hit me. He was an American and was probably the second one here. Other than the Russians that were all in a group talking. I grab a wine glass and head over to the group pretending to look at the art work on the wall.

“Is he hear?”

“I don’t know.”

“But I thought I saw him with a girl.”

“What was he trying to do?”

“He’s supposed to get us Arpanet  the new Internet software.”

“He just trying to keep it cool.”

“We should keep it cool as well or we will draw attention to ourselves.”

“Right lets enjoy the party everything is going according to plan.”

I realize I just found the gang of  Russians that were hear for the new Arpanet. “That would be ARPAnet, the government-sponsored research program that most histories peg as the beginning of the Internet. But, as with earlier computer-connection experiments, Arpanet (and its military counterpart, DARPAnet) was little more than barebones technology development.” ( Banks). This specific Internet software could be dangerous if it falls into the wrong crowd.

I had to stop them from getting the software with every means possible.  Russians like to smuggle expensive stuff. So this Internet software is perfect for their smuggling business. I also remember reading this in a article: “The Internet, called Arpanet during its initial development, is invented by the Advanced Research Projects Agency at the U.S. Department of Defense. The first operational packet switching network in the world was deployed connecting the IMP at UCLA and the Stanford Research Institute. By December 5, it included the entire four node system, with the UCSB” ( Library). High tech U.S.A  Internet in Russian hands means they’ll use it against us.

So to not let that happen I had to signal my team to move in and shut down this auction. I had a communication set as one of my gadgets disguised as a pack of gum. Pulling out one of the pieces activates the head beacon. Means I found the gang and my team needs to arrest them. But I new that they had spotted me when a big muscular guy started to walk my direction. I had to run but there was a thick of a crowd with the party going on so I tried disappearing into the crowd. And it worked. I watched as the guy walked passed me and started for the exit. But I didn’t realize a guy from behind came up to me with a gun to my back.

“If you want to live come with me.”

“Wow I was shocked when being caught on my first mission I really had a way of doing               it

“Okay I’ll go.”

Dropping the communication packet into a guy’s pocket I walk with the guy out the exit. I had a throwing knife ready to stab who was behind me. The thing about me I had learned martial arts with my aunt plus my CIA boss taught me as well. So I new how to win this situation.

I spin around landing a side kick at the guys ribs. But I’m caught off guard when no one is there. I’d drunk to much wine so illusion was key to the situation I was in. But the wine was drugged so my head was dizzy and I from lack of breath fall on pavement. The next thing I realize I’m in a hospital with my aunt and boss next to me. I am startled with fright.

“What’s going on!”

“You were poisoned.”

“What how”?

“The wine you drank caused it.”


“I never though that a drink would be poisoned”.

“Your friend helped you when you rushed out on the street almost getting hit by a car”.    “But he saved you and called the ambulance.”

“Also,” you saved the whole mission”.

“Setting that tracker in the building caused our

team to move in”.

“We stopped anyone coming out and escaping”.

“All went well for your well planned actions”.

I never would have thought that poison would be the death of me. But I got care so I survived the whole ordeal. I’ll have couple days of of work and still live to see my new friend who saved my life for some reason. I did save a crisis with Arpanet the newest Internet software from getting into the wrong hands, but at what cost?

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