World Cultures Club vists Festival of Nations


Leanne Eckhart, writer


On Wednesday, March 29, the World Cultures Club took their second annual trip to Dollywood in order to experience the Festival of Nations.

The club is sought after for making delicious food and for its insightful presentations made by members of the community.

Mrs. Marquez, the club sponsor, says that “this trip gives students an opportunity to experience other cultures” through interactive shows featuring talented individuals. Thus, the trip combines learning with fun. 

Junior Jeremiah Angel emphasizes greatly how much he enjoyed the trip, exclaiming numerous times about how he enjoyed the African show because of how “impressive [and convincing] all the performers were” and how they emphasized African culture.

Junior Maison Baldwin was also impressed with the gymnastics and she notes that the props were very convincing of African culture: “there were people selling stuff on the streets and all their houses were super run down” just like Africa.

Junior Omar Chavez, on the other hand, witnessed the Ecuadorian show. He mentions that “it was interesting; the music by the band Atahualpa was extremely entertaining because of the style.” He learned that “music around South America varies greatly” from his home country of Venezuela.