How to live in the Flashlight Generation


Another shooting happens on the news. Another village is wiped off the maps. Another wreck involving children happens. Another terrorist attack takes place.

We feign sorrow, sadness. The older generations, they feel it. They weep for lives lost. But us? Do we really even care? This is the world we know.

We’ve never known peace, never known a time before fear. We’re used to it. It’s normal. Normal. Such a relative word. We don’t remember Jonestown, Columbine, or even 9/11. Have we lost all feelings for innocents who die every day?

The world used to bathed in light and peace. A time when people smiled at strangers, and helped the homeless. A time when someone stranded on the road received help, and when people knew their neighbors.

“Our Humanity is trapped by moral adolescence. We have too many men of science and too few men of God. The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom and power without conscience.” – Omar N. Bradley

We are the Flashlight Generation. We were born in darkness; we’ve never known a better time. But we can change that. We hold flashlights. They’re called Kindness, Faith, Righteousness, Moral Justice, and Perseverance. With each of them we can make the world just a little bit better, more bearable and livable. We can turn the lights on.