Joelle Pester wins January character trait of the month

Madison Reinschmidt, writer

The Character trait of the month for January, “The Rock,” is shown through a person who stands up for their faith, encourages and supports others, and makes God a priority in their life.

This time, there was a tie for the winners.

Sophomore Joelle Pester, one of the recipients, said “I don’t let other people change how I think. I try to support everyone around me. This award is meaningful to me because it lets me know that others notice how strong I am in what I believe in.”

“My teachers and parents have influenced to become a persistent person that is there for the people who need me,” she continued.  

Pester states that, “always staying connected to God, being firm in what you believe in, and knowing what you believe,” will help you become a “rock” for God too.

Freshman Mike Hirsch, the other winner, could not be reached for comment, but one of his most memorable nominations notes that he is “a good friend and very funny, and talks to those people who no one else talks to.”