USA men’s soccer believes they can win


Ben Mocnik, writer

With World Cup qualifications starting, soccer fever is beginning to grip the planet. All across the globe . . . except for in the United States. This fact is due, in part, to the fact that U.S. soccer, at least men’s soccer, has never been powerful. This, however, may be changing.

Eighteen-year-old phenom Christian Pulisic is a rising star on the national level and has U.S. soccer fans hoping for a brighter future.

In the first qualifying game for the World Cup, the United States faced off against Honduras. This matchup also marked the return of captain Clint Dempsey who returned from injury leave. The game also gave more hope to soccer fans like myself as they thrashed Honduras 6-0.

Dempsey showed he was back in peak condition by banging in 3 goals.

As the World Cup approaches, all we can do is hope and join in with their chant: We believe that we can win. We believe that we can win.