Cast of Hello, Dolly! prepares for opening night


Abby Hansen, writer

The cast of this year’s musical production, Hello, Dolly! has been hard at work since August to prepare for opening night on April 8.

Produced by Roberta Bishop, directed by Holly Greer, and choreographed by Rebecca Benedict, Hello, Dolly! is set in 1890s New York and tells the story of Dolly Levi, a meddling matchmaker who decides to matchmaker herself.

Hayley Greer, senior, and Jamie Henderson, junior, take turns portraying Dolly as she sets herself up with the wealthy Horace Vandergelder, played by Senior Josiah Madrigal.

“[Dolly] is very mischievous,” says Greer. “She knows what she wants and gets it by any means,” describes Henderson, “but she’s not malicious and wouldn’t do anything to hurt anyone.” Greer describes Dolly as having “multiple personalities” and being “quite funny.”

“I’m looking forward to hearing the audience laugh,” says Henderson. “We’ve been laughing at this play for months, and I want to share that.”

In contrast to Dolly’s large personality, Madrigal describes Horace Vandergelder as “a get down to business kind of guy” who “doesn’t like people wasting time.”

The musical is full of colorful sets, lively songs, and entertaining relationships as Dolly negotiates relationships in an attempt to leave everybody happily in love.

Over all, some of the cast’s favorite scenes include “Dancing,” “Harmonia Gardens,” and “Sunday Clothes.” Junior Christian Beasley, who plays the artist Ambrose Kemper, says his personal favorite scene is “probably ‘It Takes a Woman’ because it’s awesome having a bunch of men singing about masculinity.”

Townsperson and waiter Sophomore Justin Moore enjoys the “Waiters’ Gallop” scene because there are “a lot of fun moves and some gymnastics.”

Director Holly Greer likes the scenes where the full cast is involved, and she is looking forward to opening night. “I want to see the kids excited and full of energy,” she says.

Senior Tatyana Toro, who plays Irene Malloy, voices the cast’s feelings: “[I’m looking forward to] seeing it all come together and seeing [our] hard work pay off.”

“We’ve been working hard,” says accompanist and junior Brandon Wilcox, “It’s going to be a great production.”

Bishop (one of the musical directors as well as the producer) agrees, “[I’m looking forward to] seeing my students shine.”

“You’re in for a real treat,” says Benedict, “It’s really a good show.”

“Come to the musical,” Ciarah Clark, junior casted as Minnie Fay, encourages, “and if you have the chance, try out for the next one.”

“I know that everyone has put a whole lot of work into this,” says Henderson. “I just hope it’s as magical for those watching as it is for us performing.”

Tickets for the show start at $15 and can be purchased here for Saturday, April 8 at 9pm; Sunday, April 9 at 2pm and 7pm; and Monday, April 10 at 7pm.