Hello, Dolly! cast performs at Standifer Gap SDA School

Hello, Dolly! cast performs at Standifer Gap SDA School

Julien Magloire, writer

On the morning of Friday, March 24,  CA’s choir director, Miss Bishop, took several of the male actors from the Hello, Dolly! cast to perform a scene at Standifer Gap SDA School.

The actors, accompanied by pianist Brandon Wilcox, junior, performed the song “It Takes a Woman.”

“We aren’t performing to entertain or bring credit to ourselves; we’re doing this to bring recognition to our school,” said Senior D’Sean Taylor. “While doing that we display the love of God through the talents he has given us.”

After performing the scene, the actors concluded their visit with a worship thought. They sang a few songs with the Standifer Gap students,  then senior and main cast member Josiah Madrigal shared why he loves Jesus: “The answer is simple: Because He loved me first. God desires a relationship with us, and the reason I love CA so much is because I can build a relationship with my Christian teachers who are placed in authority over me. Even though God has authority over us, we have the privilege of having a relationship with Him.”