Hidden Talents: Mike Hirsch surprises and awes with magic tricks


Julien Magloire, writer

Freshman Mike Hirsch started teaching himself magic tricks about two years ago. Typically he shares his magical skills with his friends and family, but more recently he earned a gig at a coffee shop.

When asked what his favorite trick is, he replied, “My favorite trick is Crushed. Someone signs a card, then I put the card back in the deck, then put the deck in the box. Next, I set the box on the ground and step on it. All the cards except for the signed one disappear.”

Hirsch doesn’t plan to pursue magic as a career choice; he says “It will be a fun side job and a talent to have in the future.”

Hirsch explained his most elaborate trick, saying, “I have someone shuffle the deck face up and face down, then the person puts the cards back in the box and then I put a rubber [band] around the box and then I pull out a calculator and they type in whatever numbers they choose and multiply them together. Lastly, they click equal and then they choose a suit, and the only cards that are face up are the cards in that suit and in that number.”

If you ever want to see some live talent, go find Mike and ask him to show you a trick!