Happy Little Life: Take a nap


As a child, I absolutely hated napping. Napping to me was simply a waste of perfectly useful daylight; a time I could instead be using to play with my toys.

Sabbath afternoons were a drag because my parents napped and I was left bored, playing with the door stop and bugging my little brother.

Kindergarten year approached and to my dismay, my parents made me nap too. What is so wonderful about napping? I thought to myself. This deeply ingrained hatred toward naps in general lasted until about a year ago when I discovered its true beauty.

The ceiling fan hum and the falling of fresh ice in the refrigerator startled me awake after an especially stressful week of school.  I literally could not function, and my homework lay stagnant in my backpack. I gave in; I took a nap, and I was incredibly refreshed. My brain function soared through the roof, and my homework almost did itself.

A Harvard Medical College publication states that even a six-minute micro cat-nap can help the mind recall memorized facts, reorganize thoughts, and inspire creativity. So, don’t let yourself become succumbed and overwhelmed with stress; take a nap and reap the benefits.