Drama club members share why they love acting


Abby Hansen, writer

On Valentine’s Day, CA’s drama club shared their talents with the student body through a video they created followed by an onstage performance.

Last semester, they performed a pantomime to the song “Start a Fire” by Unspoken. Taking these ideas from weekly brainstorming sessions and turning them into performances takes time and dedication from all of the members. Why do they do it? Because they love acting, and they have a message to share.

Ciarah Clark, junior and president of the club, sums up their purpose: “Our main focus is to try and create a visual representation of God’s work in people’s lives.

The actors in drama club have had a passion for theater most of their lives—several even want to make a career of acting.

Junior Omar Chavez’s favorite part of drama club is “taking personas; being someone you’re not for a little bit.”

Senior Chloe Slocum believes that because of this, “it’s the actors and artists who know more about life and emotions than doctors or therapists . . . because it’s your job to be them.”

Junior Sierra Clubb says that acting is “an art of emotion.”

“With acting you can say a million different things without saying a word,” Sophomore Kristen Clark explains.

Freshman Larissa Clubb loves acting because “we get to express our inner selves.”

Junior Noah Bynum agrees. “Drama club is another way to express myself,” he shares, “It’s also a ton of fun.”

“Theatre connects people,” says Clark, “Acting helps you see the world through multiple perspectives.”

The club is always welcoming to new members (in fact, they are looking to add a few more guys to their cast), so if you share in their passion for acting then follow Senior Alexa Birch’s advice and “join drama.