Gim Him a chance


Julien Magloire, writer

As high school students, one of the most difficult things we struggle with is time management. Too often we find ourselves trying to stay awake while doing our homework or studying for the big test.

In all the rush of today’s teenage life, do we find enoughtime to spend with God? Sure, we all go to church, have religion class, and attend chapel, but what about our own personal time with our Creator? Do we ever find ourselves pushing God off until later?

Here’s the thing: It might not seem so wrong to forget to have our devotions with God, but what does it really mean when we go without them?

John 4:15 states, ” If you love me, keep my commands.” Now, how do we fall in love with Jesus? To love somebody, we must spend quality time with them, bonding, and getting to know each other. If we don’t put time into our relationships with our friends, then they fall apart.

The same goes for our relationship with God; if we’re not putting aside quality time to spend with Him, it will put a strain on the relationship.

God wants to be our best friend — He’s just waiting for us to say yes. Let’s not cut Him off any longer — let’s invite Him into our daily routines, whether it’s in the morning or in the afternoon. We won’t regret it, I promise.