Symbols of sacrifice


Two Spirit-led flames have engulfed CA in a storm. SoulCon and Renew are changing the way boys and girls at CA become men and women. But what is the banner that each group flies from the ramparts of their lives?

SoulCon men wear dog tags with a skull, cross, and fork and snake on one side, and Luke 3:23 on the other.

The skull represents death to self, the act of giving up everything comfortable and pleasing to the flesh. The fork and the cross represent the two options each individual has to make every day: to pick up the fork and feed their flesh, or pick up the cross and feed their soul. Luke 3:23 says “if you want to follow Me, deny yourself, as take up your cross daily, and follow me.”

The ladies fly a different flag, but equally as meaningful.

Proverbs 31 is the basis for the design, and it talks of a godly woman and what she looks like. It is shaped like a cross, with the vertical piece being a distaff, a tool used in spinning wool, which represents the hard work that a Godly woman produces. The cross-piece is a key with a ruby at the end, representing the trustworthiness of a godly woman, and the security she has in her faith. The ruby displays the value of such a woman.

“The cool thing about the key is that it has the jewel on one end, but the other end determines the practicality. Beauty fades, but practicality never fades,” says Junior Emily Craft, designer of the logo.

The cloth across the key is a representation of a woman “clothed in strength and dignity” (Proverbs 31:25).

The final touch, the crown of thorns, shows the sacrifice she is willing to make, both for God and for family.