Acroforce provides prayer and free breakfast before school


Jamie Henderson and Daniel Tanksley, writers

“What is going on?” several students asked this morning, Friday, February 3, as they arrived at school to find a table laden with goodies surrounded by eager faces.

The answer to their query: the Acroforce team providing breakfast and prayer for all who wished to participate. They desired to light a spark of hope for students and faculty as their day began. 

Every week we’re going to do something for others and encourage them,” Junior (and one of four Acroforce captains) Dylan Ford said. “Last week we went to teachers and thanked them for what they do and prayed with them . . . We’ll see what happens next week.”

The food—which included muffins, fruits, juices, and many other delectable items—was well received by the students.

Junior Rachel Nall commented that “the carrot juice was delicious!” But it was the prayer that truly touched the students.

Senior Josh Dean said that he expected people to be surprised and appreciative. “We showed our love as a team toward our school and displayed God’s love through sharing,” Dean said.

“I thought it was really cool, especially since they didn’t charge. I don’t know why they were doing it but I think they, or other people, should do it more often and be out there ready to pray for you . . . And feed you!” Senior Joselena Madrigal said.

Ford continued by saying that Coach Reading presented the idea for Acroforce outreach to the captain, who in turn brought it up to the team. “We didn’t force anyone to come,” Ford said. “We just told them this is what we’re doing and you’re welcome to join if you want.”

The team all came together to come up with ideas.

“Kayden Ammerall wanted to do something with food and Trish [Ford] suggested breakfast,” Ford said.

Ford concluded by saying, “We care about the school . . . Acro just wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives. We’re not expecting anything in return.”