Dear Woman on the subway,


Leanne Eckhart, writer

Dear Woman on the subway,

You, yes you, with the hot pink poncho and aged, yellow rain boots splotched with mud. In your smile is the delighted expression of a 5-year-old lad when he finds the Halloween candy stash. Your face shows years of wrinkles defining happiness instead of age. That small chuckle that cracks out of your throat as the subway takes off causes the depressed business man slouching to your right to shift and offer the slightest bit of a grin. You continue to stare out of the window as the brewing storm causes the trees to sing and dance.

Just from one glance, I can tell you that you enjoy feeding the homeless as much as skydiving in Hawaii. You scream the loudest on rollercoaster rides and create all of the new fashion crazes. Most importantly, I can feel your spirit radiating the love of Jesus more than any sermon could. Some people live life but totally forget how to truly live. You aspire to live a life of full potential.

I wish that you could tell me of all your undocumented adventures sealed between your lips, but it’s too late now. In a blink, you vanish, jumping in the rain puddles soaking up true, raw happiness.

Thank you . . . for awakening me.


The girl seeking more to life