Soulcon: more than a lifestyle

Ben Mocnik, writer

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As week one of the Soulcon Challenge for the men concludes, and as the women at CA begin their 6-week journey of Renew, I’d like to take some time to define the Soulcon mantra.

Soulcon is not just a 6-week training program to get fit or lose weight. It’s not a way to get buff or ripped. If you’re looking for an easy way to get into shape, look elsewhere. Soulcon is not easy. Soulcon is the 6-week challenge that helps jumpstart your Christianity.

The founder, Cody Bobay, is a former Navy Aircrewman and a Christian. When he returned to life as a civilian, he saw that he was surrounded by lazy, flabby, weak-bodied and weak-minded, lukewarm Christian men. He created Soulcon to help make ‘Special-Forces Christians’ for Jesus who are ready to go wherever He calls.

Soulcon isn’t a workout program. It’s not just a special diet. Soulcon is a jumpstart to get you ready to spread the news of Jesus’ second coming. He is coming soon. Are you ready?

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