Thirsty yet?


Daniel Tanksley, writer

If you are thirsty, then you’re already dehydrated and need water before you finish reading this article.

Ok, you’re back. Let’s talk water for a moment. Good old H2O is here to save the day! How does drinking a gallon of water a day sound? Crazy, right? But, better than crazy—it’s smart. Our bodies need water to function optimally and to survive.  

Let’s not cheat ourselves by drinking fluids other than water. A lot of other drinks actually make people more dehydrated than they were before, and the refined sugar in the drinks dries up our insides, not to mention causing cavities and other horrible sicknesses.

Society tells us to drink a range of 8 to 12 cups of water a day. What if we added just four more cups—making a total of 16 cups/day?  Challenge: Drink one gallon of water each day for a year starting now!

You might think it’s impossible, but it is doable, and the benefits are worth every drop. With the action of drinking a gallon or more of water a day, side effects may include the following:

1.  Deeper sleep which leads to better energy and focus throughout the day.

2.  Better blood circulation which will help your toes and fingers stay warm during this cold season.

3.  Healthy weight loss.

4.  The ability to play harder and last longer when it comes to sports and physical exertion.

5.  Less to no dizziness when standing up quickly.

6.  Less lower back pain and very few to no headaches and migraines.

7.  Less general sickness and the regression of pimples (although a healthy diet is also necessary to fully rid yourself of pimples).